Individual support

At the crossroads of your life!

Individual Holistic Support

You feel at a crossroads in your life where

Aches, fears block life's path

You can no longer move forward with serenity and pleasure

Emotions go out of control

Anxiety and stress are high, irritability more frequent

An approaching event makes you anxious

Pregnancy, maternity, life changes, medical treatment

Stress for competitions, exams

Uncontrollable stalking, loss of control, high anxiety, slow recovery, fatigue

Your child has emotional challenges

You need help to overcome them

Doubts prevent you from enjoying your daily life

You don't trust yourself

So a one-to-one coaching session at my office or online can help you regain your confidence and peace of mind!

Holistic support

Complementary insurance may cover
$ 115 taxes included
  • Evolve at your own pace
  • Continue to practice at home
  • Work on your ailments and challenges
  • Adapt the sessions to your current needs
  • Regain control of your emotions, your body and your mind
  • Long-term effects

The sessions can provide many answers…

  • A release, a second wind

You reduce aches and pains, free yourself from your fears and your past, and direct your thoughts towards the positive.

  • Better stress management

In your daily life and in a more peaceful way

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

You trust your intuition, your strengths and your ability to succeed.

  • Necessary changes in habits

You adapt better to your environment, naturally incorporating positive thinking and freeing yourself from the negative.

  • Preparing for a stress-free pregnancy

Develop positive thinking and well-being, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for life changes and better manage pregnancy aches and pains.

  • Valuable tools for optimum mental preparation

Better concentration, stress and defeat management, recovery after effort, more energy and optimism in sports and the arts.

  • Holistic, playful keys to soothing your child

Help your child concentrate, facilitate learning (reading, writing, motor skills), improve relationships with others, reduce excess anger/frustration…

You refocus on breathing, body sensations, positive thoughts and encourage a better circulation of your energy so that you are not overwhelmed by fear or doubts and so that you can develop your well-being, your strengths and your abilities that you no longer know or do not know!

The first session: the power of holistic support

The first session is so important! It’s essential to the coaching process, because it allows us to :

  • discover who you are as a person, as well as your ailments, your history, your passions, your successes and your challenges
  • get to know your constraints: practice times,
  • explain my practices and answer any questions you may have
  • Offer you a customized support program

This discovery phase, this exchange, so rich for you AND for me, I offer it to all my customers free of charge.

Building trust between US is an important part of the job.

We’ll offer you holistic support tailored to YOU.

This accompaniment will include several holistic practices that will act positively on your challenges, in your daily life, at the crossroads of your life! where change is necessary:


Is a complete personal development method that positively mobilizes the resources you have at your disposal.


It's a fast, gentle method that eliminates negative emotions, traumas and false beliefs...


Energy bridges the gap between body and mind. Good circulation frees up knots and blockages.


A body-based method that uses rhythmic movements to influence behavior, learning and attention...

In the personalized program, techniques and practices are offered to help you overcome your change of direction with greater serenity.


Everyone evolves at their own pace, and that's okay.


You actively participate in your well-being to better understand yourself and reproduce the exercises in your daily life.


The more you practice, the more the effects are felt and the changes are in you.


I offer my clients my expertise in the field of well-being, working with the body, mind, emotions and energies.


There are no magic wands. You have the keys. Each of these keys allows you to move towards what you want. Enjoy the steps


Is a major part of the process. The closer you get to your feelings and sensations, the better you'll behave and the more you'll trust yourself.

accompagnement holistique | holistic support

If you’d like to know why you’re feeling blocked, and why any help you receive only works for a short time…

Many people feel this way. It’s not unique. And it doesn’t mean:

  • that you’re not designed to be confident
  • that you’re unlucky
  • that well-being is never for you
  • that you were born this way and it will never change
  • that you are limited.

Our limits are in our minds, our fears, our history, our bodies. But everything can be circumvented, transformed and evolved within us. All we have to do is move forward, taking into account that you are a naturally balanced set of 3 poles.

In the vision of holistic medicine, you are a naturally balanced whole!


in motion
Can soothe the mind and emotions when they are in pain, as well as disrupt them when they are weakened.


who thinks, analyzes, memorizes
Taking breaks calms the body and emotions, while overusing it takes energy.


that express themselves, that make you feel
They can strengthen the body and mind, as well as bring them doubts and blockages.

If one of your 3 poles is suffering, your other poles will expend more energy to compensate for the suffering pole. To take long-term action, it’s important to rebalance your whole by strengthening each part, not just one. To achieve this  is here

Everything you acquire will stay with you as long as you make it your own and use it in your daily life!

Further information

The more you practice, the greater the effects. A 10-minute workout can help you improve your stress levels, confidence, sleep and mental preparation.

Sessions can be held in my office or remotely. The work will be the same and just as intense.

I’m a member of the Fédération des Médecines Alternatives (FMA), which enables my clients to be reimbursed by complementary health insurers as naturotherapists. I provide a receipt for each appointment.

  • For adults
    • Sessions cost $115 including taxes
    • Length of consultation: 1 hour
  • For children under 12
    • Sessions cost $85 Taxes included
    • Length of consultation: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Interac
  • Debit or credit card
  • Cash
  • e-payment (en avance)

What people think...


I switched from tears to a smile at the end of the session

I have worked with Christelle to help me with all the problems that are stuck in me and that keep me from going forward. I am currently undergoing very heavy medical treatment. The repetitive tapping (EFT) on precise points of the body while evacuating with words, did me a lot of good. They calmed me down in a few minutes. This method allowed me to solve some of my problems in a natural way. I went from tears to a smile at the end of the session. THANK YOU

It worked very quickly

I had 3 sessions with Christelle. Several years ago, I'd already practiced sophrology without getting hooked. But with Christelle it quickly worked. I let go from the very first session and the benefits were quickly felt. Christelle is excellent at explaining the techniques and methods she uses.

I'm pain-free for the time being

I felt good during the session and was able to let go of the fear of illness. I'm pain-free for the moment and I thank Christelle for this beautiful session in peace and self-love.

Being more attentive to my body

I had never done sophrology before my sessions with Christelle, and in fact you feel the benefits from the first session. She made me work on myself, my mind, and to be more in tune with my body. She made me discover unsuspected opportunities. I still have work to do on stress management, but I manage it better thanks to her. I intend to continue the sessions, I think she has a lot to offer me. Many thanks