Group session at work

Wellness group session at work

Improve employee performance

Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Albert Schweitzer

How do you improve employee competitiveness when there are…

Changes in direction and strategy

The adaptation of employees is tested to the limit...

Employee departures, sick leave

How do you maintain motivation, optimism and a good working climate?

Increased workload

How can we improve employee efficiency (fatigue, stress, etc.)?

Tension and pressure between teams

How can we facilitate communication and reduce conflict in the workplace?

A highly competitive job market

How to develop creativity, concentration and responsiveness?

Open-plan offices, remote working

How do you adapt to new ways of working, how do you grow?

New employees

How can we facilitate integration and gain confidence?

Wellness session at work

Can help to
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  • Strengthen team cohesion by discovering new fun activities
  • Raising employee awareness of preventive health and well-being issues
  • Encouraging employees to take an active role in preventing health problems in the workplace
  • Improving quality of life at work with exercises adapted to daily life
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Treat your employees to a convivial wellness break together
  • Preserving employees' health capital

Employee health is company health!

Improving employee well-being has a positive impact on their work. This is becoming more than necessary. So offering sessions to employees means providing concrete answers to performance concerns!

Sophrology sessions are a concrete solution that offers employers who are concerned about their company’s health the opportunity to support their employees in their day-to-day work!

Group sessions with the SOPHROLOGY

Everyone has their own challenges. The changing pace of business has had a major impact on the way we work. It’s not always easy to find one’s bearings, position oneself and remain productive in all circumstances.

Alternative/gentle techniques, such as sophrology, offer concrete answers that enable employees, managers and executives to better manage stress, and regain their energy, dynamism (physical and mental), creativity and motivation in all circumstances.

A program lasting several weeks can prevent Psycho-social Risks such as :

  • stress,
  • moral or sexual harassment,
  • addictions, conflicts,
  • fatigue, pain, concentration problems…

Sophrology is a personal development technique that can be offered to employees as a genuine form of support that enhances skills, motivation and performance.

In each sophrology group session, several techniques are offered to employees…


Breathing exercices


Call with movement




A positive experience


Visualisation to meet the goal of the session


On paper



mieux etre en groupe, group wellness

By diversifying practices, sophrology works at each session :

  • on the body, to relieve and strengthen it,
  • on the mind, to give it a break and make it more reactive and positive
  • on the emotions, to help manage them throughout the day!

All of which helps people feel better and more effective at work.

What topics can be covered during employee sessions?

Suggesting a simple, healthy and easy way to change your daily life so that you can live it and no longer suffer it!

4 steps to offering sophrology sessions in the workplace

STEP 1- Questions to ask yourself before offering wellness sessions to your employees!

Because your company has its own sector of activity, with its own set of changes, its own environment, its own challenges, its own strengths and its own set of stresses… the program and services we offer are tailored to each individual need. That’s why it’s important to prepare a checklist beforehand, to get as close as possible to your reality and needs, and to know what you want to manage or let the practitioner manage for you:

What is your goal?

Combating absenteeism, preserving mental health, engaging employees in a common cause...

What are the profiles of the employees concerned?

Geographical location, if the jobs are difficult, repetitive, night shifts, seasonal...

What are the scheduling constraints?

Obligation of employees to participate or not, ideal time for a relaxing break...

What are the logistical constraints?

Room for sessions, mats or rather chairs, possibility of changing if some wish...

STEP 2 – Let’s meet and talk about the services I can offer you!

From this checklist, we discuss together to get to know your company and your employees better, and be able to make your job easier. I will :


I can launch a survey to find out what employees need, and we can validate the needs and challenges together (checklist).


I'll recommend the most suitable activities, themes and frequency.


I can design tailor-made communication tools to engage employees (emails, posters, etc.).


I can measure the satisfaction of participating employees and present you with an assessment of the initiatives.

STEP 3 – My proposal for services and prices

Depending on the company’s preferred service format, a specific, tailored and unique offer is proposed.

STEP 4 – Validation, implementation and follow-up

You’re in good hands. I look forward to working with you and your employees to improve their performance and well-being!

Formats for corporate wellness sessions


Half or 1 hour, weekly, for several months.


Half or 1 hour, for every employee who wishes to facilitate stress management, management, project management...


Sophriology Initiation for 2 hours.


You can practice at home at a time that suits you best.


Ajouter une activité de bien-^être à un évènement.

Further information

Everything you acquire will stay with you as long as you make it your own, and use it in your everyday life!

  • Sessions can be held in a group at the same location or remotely.

Sophrology can be applied in a wide range of fields, and is particularly useful in :

  • Everyday management: thanks to numerous methods for managing stress and anxiety.
  • It is an invaluable aid in learning to manage emotions and annoyances.
  • It acts on both body and mind. Any positive action on the body is beneficial to the mind.
  • Thanks to controlled breathing, muscular relaxation and a positive outlook, it’s really possible to regain well-being and confidence.
  • It brings new, healthy habits that everyone can put into practice throughout the day.
  • Individual sessions are also available for employees.
  • Sessions can be enjoyed at any age and in any physical condition, as long as the practitioner is informed in advance.

Prices are on quotation and depend on:

  • number of sessions
  • number of participants
  • the duration of the session (30 min, 1 hour…).
temoignage therapie hiolistique, testimonial holistic therapy

What people think...


A beautiful moment of letting go

Relaxation bordering on sleep during sessions with Christelle. Amazing experience of standing sophrology that gave me total relaxation. I highly recommend these moments of letting go and returning to oneself.

It worked very quickly

I had 3 sessions with Christelle. Several years ago, I'd already practiced sophrology without getting hooked. But with Christelle it quickly worked. I let go from the very first session and the benefits were quickly felt. Christelle is excellent at explaining the techniques and methods she uses.

Being more attentive to my body

I had never done sophrology before my sessions with Christelle, and in fact you feel the benefits from the first session. She made me work on myself, my mind, and to be more in tune with my body. She made me discover unsuspected opportunities. I still have work to do on stress management, but I manage it better thanks to her. I intend to continue the sessions, I think she has a lot to offer me. Many thanks

Group session with relaxation and gentleness.

I attended one of her sophrology group sessions. I have excellent memories of relaxation and well-being, the gentleness of her words is soothing and relaxing! A big thank you to you for a great time

Overcoming the difficulties of my project

I was in a semi-conscious state and I had the impression that everything was possible, that the difficulties linked to my project could easily be overcome. It really gave me the desire to move forward. A very pleasant feeling of bliss at the end of the session