christelle marchetti veclin
christelle marchetti veclin

Believing in life, in your dreams and in the challenges you face means giving yourself the chance to achieve the impossible!

If I were to sum up my state of mind in a few words, I'd say: "And why not! "

christelle marchetti veclin

Why not...

Reach for your dreams and travel into the unknown!

I’ve always needed more in my life. To get out of the ordinary. To travel and discover other cultures!

I never thought it would be possible for me to discover and live in another country. I did it alone, then with my husband. Between the greenery of Wales and the warmth of the United States. And why not as a family? With our 3 children and some luggage in hand, to discover unknown (to us) territories and wide open spaces: Canada this time 🙂

They say…

To travel is to ride the waves of discomfort…

I couldn’t agree more. It often destabilizes. It brings great encounters, for sure. It makes for memorable memories engraved for life, no doubt.

With each trip, there’s a surge of doubt, stress and soul-searching. But, mentally, the hardest part of these changes isn’t the logistics of travelling. It’s taking the FIRST STEP and saying to yourself: yes, now’s the time to take the plunge. Ouchhh!

I knew that if I said that to myself, I’d put everything in place to make it happen; my goal was set. So it was actually admitting your choice and showing it that was the hardest part. Coming to terms with it, with all that it could generate afterwards.

But in the end, I learned so much from these unique experiences. And whether there are ups and downs, successes and obstacles, everything happens for a reason! To get to know myself better and learn to love discomfort!

To travel is to be born and die at every moment.-Victor Hugo-

This taste for travel was above all a way of expressing myself. If not orally!

My way...

For a long time I've wanted to be a different person and build my character around that.


I’m a hypersensitive person and the only learning I’ve had on the subject can be summed up in a few words: keep quiet, keep them to yourself!

So I followed these guidelines to protect myself from judgment. I found it hard enough to accept my sensitivity, so having to put up with other people’s looks was even worse. But, anyway, my sensitivity has always expressed itself. No matter what!

This sensitivity was always seen as a weakness for me. I was…

But cutting myself off from my emotions, or rather running away from them, had many side effects:

  • I appeared cold to people
  • I had trouble dealing with signs of stress and shyness (blushing, sweating, shaky voice, clumsiness and so on…).
  • And my body was also speaking through aches and pains and illnesses that were quite common.

But I didn’t understand that my body was expressing itself when I wasn’t!

I spent so much energy fighting my sensitivity, that stress settled in and stuck to me. It was part of me, part of my personality. I’m a stressed person.

Stress was just a messenger pointing out a fear, a blockage, a limiting thought that didn’t need to be put aside, but needed to be reassured and overcome!

Sensitivity is not fragility. It means always getting to the bottom of things. In things, in people, in emotions.-Serena Santorelli-

But at a key moment in my life, I decided to open myself up to life's possibilities.

My learning...

Accept my difference and use it for MY WELL-BEING!

vivre sans regret | live without regrets

When you hit rock bottom, you can’t help but rise again. Right ?

When I was a teenager and depression hit a member of my family, it was like an electric shock for me. Clearly. I lost all my bearings.

And I realized early on that life could be both brutal and burdensome. But, at the same time, it could also be light. It was all in the way you thought, the way you saw situations and the importance you attached to the encounters you made along the way!

I never wanted to live like a robot, in survival mode! I know where that leads.

I didn’t think that life was all mapped out, without adventure. Otherwise, what’s the point of being on earth?

We can’t change the people around us. That’s not our goal, nor our path. But I had to change my way of seeing things, learning lessons and protecting myself to keep my feet on the ground and my head in the stars!

If I wanted something, I could only count on myself and the signs of life.

Living without regrets: MY DAILY MOTIVE!

Surpassing myself...

Give yourself a chance at the impossible!

Personally, I wasn’t programmed to know how to surpass myself or realize my dreams. The magic of life is only to be found in fairy tales. So it’s more like:

  • Life experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from them,
  • Meeting inspiring people,
  • The opportunities I’ve seized that have led me down a completely different path.

It’s a combination of convictions, actions and not letting go of things that have pushed me to go beyond my limits. And I’d like to thank every single person who tried to talk me out of it. Because each and every one of them has enabled me to free myself from the need to blend in. THANKS TO LIFE!

depasser ses limites, croire en la vie, believe in life, surpass your limits

My state of mind?

  • Stress can be a booster or a blocker. The choice is yours!
  • Dreams are there to be achieved
  • Motivation is the gateway to your dreams
  • Self-confidence is strengthened by actions taken
  • Courage is a beautiful quality that everyone has
  • Sensitivity is a guide to listening, developing intuition and the heart.
  • “Accept that the earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth” Chief Seattle
  • Connecting with something bigger than yourself means accepting that you don’t have control over everything, and that every event has its reason for being.

Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It soley relies on what you think.  -DAILA LAMA

Crossroads of life...

Springboards, second chances...

christelle marchetti veclin

I had not one, but many crossroads in my life that would change my direction!

These gifts from life, from the universe, that are so poorly packaged that you wonder WHY ME? WHY NOW?

I’ve had several of them, and I realized months later that they had helped free me. They were quite complex to go through, but necessary to get to know ME better.

  • The intense professional pressure after the arrival of my first child was also a very important factor. The magic of motherhood had been put to the test. It’s always at the moment when you feel most vulnerable that life seems even harder. It was at this point that I realized that this job was beginning not to suit me at all.
  • The maternal exhaustion of trying to become the wonderwoman who saves and lifts mountains for others is also part of it. The “autopilot” mode started and lasted for some time before I understood that I had to change because everything was becoming anxiety-provoking and exhausting. I began to discover alternative, holistic medicine, including Bach flowers, lithotherapy and sophrology. These were wonderful discoveries that enabled me to regain my self-confidence, understand myself better and trust myself for the future.

These events awakened my wounds, my fears and revealed that I had no idea where I stood: who am I really? what are my values? my strengths? my expectations? A friend recommended personal development capsules. I went in reluctantly and left with a head full of ideas. The question marks in my life gradually became clearer answers with exclamation marks!

Go towards what vibrates within you! Don’t go for choices of reason! but choices of the heart!

So I learned to…

  • accept what is,
  • listen to the messages I receive,
  • heal my wounds,
  • strengthen myself,
  • better align myself with my needs and the person I am now. In full evolution,
  • make changes to detach myself from what I no longer like to do!

My journey to holistic medicine

To get closer to what's most important to me: people!


Holistic medicine has become my great passion!

I intuitively decided to train in sophrology in France, to better understand its applications and its MAGICAL effect on people. It’s a mind-body practice that’s part personal development and part well-being. I quickly realized that holistic, alternative medicine was going to play a bigger role in my personal AND professional life!

I also naturally integrated the power of lithotherapy and Bach flowers into my daily life. Every emotion, every tension, was an opportunity to use their benefits on the people around me and myself.

I then trained in primitive reflexes. A body therapy that acts on involuntary reflexes that can prevent the proper sensory, behavioral and emotional functioning of children and adults. Particularly interesting for accompanying children in behavioral or learning challenges.

I’m also certified in EFT, an emotional freedom technique.

Then I got closer to the wisdom and power of the invisible and energies.
I followed energy training courses and obtained 2 levels of Reiki. I’ve also been initiated into the Lahochi and 13th octave Lahochi energies, as well as the Egyptian energies that work with the very YIN/feminine/introspection energy of Isis and the very YANG/masculine/action energy of the Pharaohs. I was also trained in How to better communicate with beings of light with Sophie Guedj Metthey. I perfected my knowledge of the importance of working with the chakras and joined Gaïa’s Momentum program for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Then my journey with shamanic medicine began with Les Gardiennes de la Terre, an initiation to the medicine of shamanic wisdoms, and I decided to take a training course on the Medicine Wheel with Elder Noel Millea in Canada.

I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned!

Methods recognized by Canadian and international professional organizations

My certifications

Sophrology practitioner

Cassiopée Institut - Paris (France)

Method details

Energy Healing

Microcosm of Human Energy training (YIN/YANG) - Alternative Medicine College of Canada - Reïki training (2 levels) by Reïki Masters ( Paris and Moncton).LaHoChi training and Egyptien Energy Healing.

Method details

Master of Communication

Paris (France) - Groupe INSEEC -

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics - Alternative Medicine College of Canada

My expertise


Sophrology practitioner

Training at - Institut Cassiopée - in Paris (France). Sophrology is a complete mind-body method for well-being and personal development.

Method detail

RMTI consultant, Primitive reflexes

Training at - Institut Cassiopée - in Paris (France). Primitive reflexes are involuntary behaviors that respond to internal/external stimuli.

RMTI detail

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Training with Claire Lecut on techniques to release emotions and immediately relieve heavy, negative emotions and physical pain.

EFT detail

Energy Healing

Training on human energy (YIN/YANG) - at the Collège des Médecines Douces de Québec - in Quebec City. Reïki training (levels 1 and 2) led by Reïki Masters (in Paris and Moncton). Initiation to LaHoChi and Lahochi 13th octave. Initiation to Egyptian energy healing (Isis and Pharaohs), as well as chakras. Training in light beings.

Energy Healing detail

Shamanic training

Earth guardian program (shamanic wisdom medicine). Medicine wheel training with Elder Noel Millea. In Canada

State of mind

Master of Communication

Brand and Product Communication, at a leading business school in business school in Paris (France) - INSEEC Group -

State of mind

Methods recognized by Canadian and international professional organizations



Federation of Alternative Medicine


As a Naturotherapist,, insurance plans can covered the session


Canadian Association of Sophrology


The Canadian Association of Sophrology recognizes my skills in Sophrology