Energy healing

Calm your mind, unblock your energies, balance your Yin and Yang

Energy healing

Our way of life and our environment will impact negatively our being as a whole: our body, our mind and our emotions/energy. Those are inseparable from one another and will impact the level and quality of our body energy. This will consequently affect us in many ways resulting in fatigue, stress, disease, anxiety and pain.

Energy healing allows :
To balance the body's energies
Release blockages, stress and strong emotions
To release psychic, physical and traumatic tensions
Improve the immune system
Open and cleanse the chakra system

The healing is done at my office in Moncton or remotely and is equally powerful

energy healing

What type of energy healing is offered ?

Improve HIS daily life, HIS well-being. The support is progressive and adapts to each person and each objective set.

The following description will allow you to discover different type of energy healing in more detail and to see what they can do for you. Depending on your needs, whether physical, mental or emotional, I will use one treatment rather than another, or even several treatments in the same session.

Each session is unique, each appointment is a new experience, each feeling is authentic and each energy healing session accompanies you in your need, in the present moment!

LaHoChi attunement

- Traditional LaHoChi or 13th Octave LaHoChi

soin lahochi

LaHoChi is a high frequency energetic and vibratory technique. It is a simple and powerful treatment, which allows the release of tensions and energetic and emotional blockages. The LaHoChi frequency is not only a healing energy, but also an energy of personal development, a path towards oneself and towards others.

LaHoChi means :

  • La“, light, love and wisdom
  • Ho“, the movement of this energy
  • Chi“, the life force

The Lahochi treatment allows to :

Activate on the self-healing system
Break down emotional blockages
Balance the energy bodies
Strengthen the immune system
Heal life traumas

Egyptian attunement

- Isis, Pharaons -

soins isis pharaons

It is a powerful healing, harmonising, purifying and cleansing system. The Isis and Pharaohs healing system acts on all subtle bodies, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

The Isis healing is very “YIN” and develops the inner strength, the sacred feminine.
The Pharaohs treatment is very “YANG”, releases blockages to get into action. These two treatments balance the male-female duality within (ying and yang).

These energetic treatments allow to:

Release fears, anxieties, assertiveness, inner child
Treat blockages, imbalances related to lack of love, trauma and abuse
Stimulate creativity in all areas
Raise the vibratory frequency and the level of consciousness
Evacuate sadness, release limiting beliefs, restore light
Increase discernment and intuition
Relieve pain, improve sleep, boost vital energy

Energy healing is a  natural method that doesn’t exempt you from consulting a doctor or hallows you to discontinue an ongoing treatment. Energy healing in a few words…

One-to-one sessions

The session begins with a conversation that allows me to build trust, to understand your needs and decide what issues we should focus on. I will be available to answer any of your questions and address any concern you may have.

Then, I will invite you to lie down (dressed) comfortably on the table dedicated to the care, with the eyes closed, in a calm, soothing and comforting atmosphere. These treatments are performed by laying hands on the body to rebalance and unblock the energy.

At the end of the treatment, we exchange on the respective feelings.

The number of sessions necessary will vary depending on your own pace and set goals, as well as your personal preferences . On average, no more than 3 sessions with an interval of 2 to 3 weeks between in order to restart the self-healing process (“healing” from a holistic and non-medical point of view).