Energy healing

At the crossroads of your life, unblock and free your energies

Energy Healing

You feel at a crossroads in your life where

Feeling tired, lacking energy...

But you don't have enough time to devote to your well-being

You're on edge

You've been through a lot in a short space of time: sadness, accumulated frustrations...

You have a combination of health problems

Pain and illness have been building up for some time now

You are convalescing

You want to help your body recover faster

You can't slow down

You can't slow down

You feel blocked

You can't get into action

So an energy treatment at my office can gently bring you the right energies and strengthen and calm your body and mind!

Energy healing

Complementary insurance may cover
$ 85 Taxes included
  • Balance the body's energies
  • Release blockages, stress and strong emotions
  • Release mental and physical tensions and traumas
  • Improve the immune system
  • Open and cleanse the chakras

Each session is unique and lasts about 1 hour. Every appointment is a new experience, every feeling is authentic, and every treatment accompanies you in your need of the moment!

Energy sessions have many virtues…

A moment of calm and reassurance

In an environment that calls for liberation and relief

A second wind

Feel your body and mind in harmony

Boosts the immune system

Strengthen your body and mind to combat illness more effectively

Release of pain and emotions

Blocked, unresolved emotions

Increases YIN energy

Facilitating self-esteem, slowing down, healing the inner child

Increases YANG energy

Facilitating the impetus for action, self-confidence, freeing oneself from limiting beliefs

A moment of love

To offer to one's body, one's energies

Energy healing systems are natural methods that do not dispense with the need to consult a doctor or to continue an ongoing treatment.

Types of energy healing

Lahochi healing and Lahochi and 13th octave

Simple and powerful, it releases tension and emotional and energetic blockages...(more)
Acts on the self-healing system | Releases emotional blocks Releases emotional blockages | Balances energy bodies | Strengthens the immune system | Clears wounds and traumas
YIN energy from Isis. This treatment brings calm, develops inner strength and confidence, the sacred feminine....(suite)
Releases fears, anxieties | Works on the inner child | Treats imbalances related to lack of love, trauma and abuse | Raises the vibratory rate | Develops intuition | Improves self-esteem
YANG energy of the pharaohs. This treatment frees blockages so you can take action....(suite)
Develops assertiveness | frees the inner child | Stimulates creativity in all areas | Raises the vibratory rate and level of consciousness | Evacuates limiting beliefs | Boosts vital energy | Improves action-taking

Each person carries out the number of sessions at their own pace and according to their personal history and objectives. Sessions depend on how the person feels. I’ll suggest one treatment rather than another, according to need and the present moment.

Further information

On average, 3 sessions with an interval of 2 to 3 weeks to re-launch the self-healing process (“healing” from the holistic, non-medical point of view).

I’m a member of the Fédération des Médecines Alternatives (FMA), which enables my clients to be reimbursed by complementary health insurers as naturotherapists. I provide a receipt for each appointment.

  • For adults
    • Sessions cost $85 including taxes
    • Length of consultation: 1 hour
  • For children under 12
    • Sessions cost $70 Taxes included
    • Length of consultation: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Interac
  • Debit or credit
  • Cash
  • e-payment (en avance)

What people think...


My first energy healing

First energy treatment of my life, and I was very impressed with how I felt during and after the session. I have improved my sleep cycle, reduced my anxiety, less stress and I am more patient with the challenges of everyday life. I will definitely do this treatment again.

Managing stress and emotions

During my sessions, I felt a sense of well-being and calm. This experience helped me to better manage my stress and apprehensions in everyday life. As a mother, this happens quickly. The different exercises I've learned help me to manage my emotions and free myself from negative feelings. Thank you for all your advice and kindness.