christelle marchetti veclin
christelle marchetti veclin
On October 4/5/6 2024
I awaken &connect with nature
Bilingual retreat

Develop your INTUITION and make the CHANGE

christelle marchetti veclin

It is possible to lift mountains with courage, self-confidence and intuition!

christelle marchetti veclin

Join the holistic community and enjoy this gift

I Program my day to live it the way I want!

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Alternative | Holistic therapy is the art of caring for the whole person, offering services adapted to each person.


Whole Person Model has three core components: the body, the mind and the spirit


In holistic, the best way to stay healthy in the long term is to keep the whole person well-balanced


The more active we are in our well-being, the greater and more durable the benefits will be

Holistic Therapy

Welcome to my page !

I’m Christelle and I help people to change, to move towards a new path: that of self-confidence. I learned very early on to develop a taste for surpassing myself, to fulfill my most unexpected dreams and show myself that at any moment I could succeed where it vibrated most in me.

This state of mind has opened many doors for me, most recently the opportunity to move to Canada with my family. It’s by constantly overcoming stress and fears, and following my intuition, that I can make my dreams come true, far from any reference point.

And what about you? What drives you forward? How do you influence your well-being? Do you know how to achieve something that’s close to your heart?

Christelle, Holistic Medicine Practitioner

For all ages and needs

I support people in their well-being and performance...

Mental preparation

Mental preparation

Loss of control during exams, sports competitions...

Stress management

Stress management

Anxiety, fear, uncontrollable nervousness



Managing pregnancy pain, fear of pregnancy/maternity



Loss of bearings, doubts, feeling out of place



Problems with attention, learning and behavior

Emotional release

Emotional release

Traumatic events, losses that block life

Few words about

Holistic services offered

Private consultation

To progress at your own pace and meet your personal, professional or sporting challenges

Presential face to face or virtual session


Group session

To make holistic progress together on everyday problems, through exchanges, practices and experiences

Presential in a room or outdoors, virtual or hybrid...


Virtual program

To give new meaning to your challenges, your needs, your life and regain control of yourself

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What people think...


After an accident, sophrology is a great support

I was recovering from an accident, and I felt a great sense of relaxation that calmed my muscular pain, which was very difficult for me to achieve. Christelle is gentle and a great listener. I recommend sophrology with Christelle to anyone who wishes to explore this holistic technique.

I switched from tears to a smile at the end of the session

I have worked with Christelle to help me with all the problems that are stuck in me and that keep me from going forward. I am currently undergoing very heavy medical treatment. The repetitive tapping (EFT) on precise points of the body while evacuating with words, did me a lot of good. They calmed me down in a few minutes. This method allowed me to solve some of my problems in a natural way. I went from tears to a smile at the end of the session. THANK YOU

A beautiful moment of letting go

Relaxation bordering on sleep during sessions with Christelle. Amazing experience of standing sophrology that gave me total relaxation. I highly recommend these moments of letting go and returning to oneself.

My first energy healing

First energy treatment of my life, and I was very impressed with how I felt during and after the session. I have improved my sleep cycle, reduced my anxiety, less stress and I am more patient with the challenges of everyday life. I will definitely do this treatment again.

It worked very quickly

I had 3 sessions with Christelle. Several years ago, I'd already practiced sophrology without getting hooked. But with Christelle it quickly worked. I let go from the very first session and the benefits were quickly felt. Christelle is excellent at explaining the techniques and methods she uses.

Being more attentive to my body

I had never done sophrology before my sessions with Christelle, and in fact you feel the benefits from the first session. She made me work on myself, my mind, and to be more in tune with my body. She made me discover unsuspected opportunities. I still have work to do on stress management, but I manage it better thanks to her. I intend to continue the sessions, I think she has a lot to offer me. Many thanks

Group session with relaxation and gentleness.

I attended one of her sophrology group sessions. I have excellent memories of relaxation and well-being, the gentleness of her words is soothing and relaxing! A big thank you to you for a great time

A feeling of well-being from the very first session.

During my sessions with Christelle, I noticed the gentleness and calm with which she approached sophrology. Her benevolent good humor leads us along the path to peace. I remember the sense of well-being that set in from the very first session, and which encourages us to find the keys to making it last...

A unique experience

A unique experience where you learn to listen to yourself. We're dealing with a smiling, reassuring professional who knows exactly how to adapt to our needs. I recommend her in every way!!!!

I'm pain-free for the time being.

I felt good during the session and was able to let go of the fear of illness. I'm pain-free for the moment and I thank Christelle for this beautiful session in peace and self-love.

Overcoming the difficulties of my project

I was in a semi-conscious state and I had the impression that everything was possible, that the difficulties linked to my project could easily be overcome. It really gave me the desire to move forward. A very pleasant feeling of bliss at the end of the session

Group session, relaxation guaranteed

A bit of mental pollution at the beginning of the session, but very quickly I was able to relax by letting my thoughts flow. A well-being bordering on sleep, yawning, relaxation. Thank you for this beautiful moment spent together as a group.

A beaudiful experience

A beautiful, enriching experience in the very capable hands of Christelle. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of some serious relaxation ... keep up the great work Christelle, thank you
A beaudiful experience