Holistic therapy addresses the "whole" person. Mental, physical, and spiritual factors are important



Whole Person Model has three core components: the body, the mind and the spirit



In holistic, the best way to stay healthy in the long term is to keep the whole person well-balanced



The more active we are in our well-being, the greater and more durable the benefits will be

christelle marchetti veclin

The world of holistic therapy

Welcome to my page !

Are you looking for a way to free yourself from doubts, to release the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back or to believe in yourself and your abilities? Do you wish to bring gentleness to the beautiful stages of your life as well as to the not so good ones? Are you ready to reinforce your strength and energy in order to overcome challenges or just to approach life with more serenity? Are you looking for support for yourself? Your child? I am here to help.

I will accompany you to reconnect with yourself, to find your inner strength and to regain control over your life.

Let’s work together, be active and become self-sufficient on your way. Obtain the best possible results and a long lasting effect on your life with the holistic methods!

Christelle, Holistic Medicine Practitioner

Different need, different support and solution

Holistic services provided


Private Consultation, indiviual support

Stress management, wellness, self-confidence, pregnancy, children. See details...

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"

Oscar Wilde

Energetic healing

See details..

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

Nikola Tesla
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Extra services

Session for discovering the well-being or on specific topics, face-to-face, group or virtually. See details...

"Taking a break, purposely breaking the pace is giving yourself time to live"

Robert Brisebois
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Group session

In companies, associations, schools. There is a solution for every need. See details...

"Some people's destiny is to meet each other. Wherever they are. Wherever they go. One day, they meet"

Claudie Gallay
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The right place to address your needs

Appointments can take place

At my office

In Moncton


In a specific location

For a group



In a one-to-one basis or in group



Wether permitting


Holistic methods for everyone

Every age, its own challenge



Behaviour, motor skills, stimulation, attention, emotions, hyperactivity, hypoactivity, reflexes, learning



Learning, exam preparation, reflexes, emotions, behaviour, personal development



Personal development, psychosomatic illnesses, pain, stress, mental preparation, well-being, fatigue, grief



Pain, sleep or memory problems, depression, physical or mental well-being, end-of-life support


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What people think...


After an accident, sophrology is a great support

I was recovering from an accident, and I felt a great sense of relaxation that calmed my muscular pain, which was very difficult for me to achieve. Christelle is gentle and a great listener. I recommend sophrology with Christelle to anyone who wishes to explore this holistic technique.
Mélissandre M.

I switched from tears to a smile at the end of the session

I have worked with Christelle to help me with all the problems that are stuck in me and that keep me from going forward. I am currently undergoing very heavy medical treatment. The repetitive tapping (EFT) on precise points of the body while evacuating with words, did me a lot of good. They calmed me down in a few minutes. This method allowed me to solve some of my problems in a natural way. I went from tears to a smile at the end of the session. THANK YOU
Aurore B.

My first energy healing

First energy treatment of my life, and I was very impressed with how I felt during and after the session. I have improved my sleep cycle, reduced my anxiety, less stress and I am more patient with the challenges of everyday life. I will definitely do this treatment again.
Armelle K.

Being more attentive to my body

JI had never done sophrology before my sessions with Christelle, and in fact you feel the benefits from the first session. She made me work on myself, my mind, and to be more in tune with my body. She made me discover unsuspected opportunities. I still have work to do on stress management, but I manage it better thanks to her. I intend to continue the sessions, I think she has a lot to offer me. Many thanks
Carine V.

A beaudiful experience

A beautiful, enriching experience in the very capable hands of Christelle. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of some serious relaxation ... keep up the great work Christelle, thank you
Jane F.

Group session, relaxation guaranteed

A bit of mental pollution at the beginning of the session, but very quickly I was able to relax by letting my thoughts flow. A well-being bordering on sleep, yawning, relaxation. Thank you for this beautiful moment spent together as a group.
Jessica N.