Wellness, self-confidence

Calm your mind, your emotions

Wellness, self-confidence

The greatest gift you can offer to your own person is to believe in yourself. Self-confidence releases our potential, our well-being, helps us assert ourselves and live in harmony within ourselves and with those around us.

But who hasn’t experienced a drop in self-confidence?

Self-confidence, like optimism, can be cultivated.

I offer several methods to solve the problems encountered, depending on the urgency

Refocusing on breathing, bodily sensations and positive thoughts allows one not to be overwhelmed by fear and doubt and to develop one’s strengths and abilities


in short
  • Who is it for?
  • For all those who wish to take care of their health and mental health in a sustainable way
  • Individual or group sessions
  • Either a bodymind or a body method
  • A short number of sessions depending on the person's needs and pace
  • It is for all ages (children, adolescents, adults, seniors)

What support is offered?

Improve his or her daily life, HIS well-being. The support is progressive and adapts to each person and each objective set.

What problems can be tackled? Here are some examples:
Lack of self-confidence
Stress and its effects
Mental preparation (project, exams, event...)
Sleep disorder
Disorders: concentration, attention, learning, dys...
Hyperactivity, hypersensitivity
Physical pain, psychosomatic problems
accompagnement holistique | holistic support

It is essential to know how to stand back, to observe ourselves, to discover ourselves, to understand ourselves, to accept ourselves, to strengthen ourselves and to evolve towards what vibrates within US. All the answers are within us. Discover my methods…

Individual sessions

The sessions are adapted to the needs of the person, the challenges, the source of the malaise and the history of the person.

The first session is dedicated to the discovery and installation of a climate of trust between the client and myself. This is essential for the rest of the work we will do together. At each session, we discuss the client’s well-being and then work TOGETHER on the person’s objective.

Depending on the challenges, and the urgency, one or more techniques will be proposed and used during the session.

In these practices, everything that is acquired is definitely acquired, as soon as it is anchored in one’s daily life

Group sessions

Sessions will be organised during the year with a limited number of participants depending on the location (outside, at my office, nature). It is also possible to create a group session on request.

There are many themes that can be addressed but here is a sample: stress, fatigue, energy…

During a group wellness session, we share a privileged moment that allows us to connect to ourselves, to install a better balance in our body and mind, to feel this new energy and to take advantage of the group to increase its effects even more.   For more information…