Pregnancy support, childbirth preparation, maternity, postpartum

Pregnancy, maternity

For pregnant and postpartum women…

Each stage of pregnancy has its magic, its beauty, its emotional moments.

Pregnancy is  a special moment that you want to experience in your own way, with love and serenity, to prepare yourself to give birth and become a mother:

A peaceful pregnancy from start to finish should not be a wish. But a reality for all pregnant women!


in short
  • For pregnant and postpartum women
  • Individual or group sessions
  • Bodymind method
  • Only a few sessions will be needed. Starting as early as the 3rd or the 7th month of pregnancy to be ready both psychologically and physically for childbirth

Which pregnancy support is offered ?

I am her to help mothers-to-be to experience pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood to the full.

This support is offered when there is no medical advice to the contrary and is complementary to the services offered by the health care or midwifery teams.

The sessions can provide relief in the following areas:
Stress, apprehension: breathing, relaxation, letting go, releasing fears...
Emotions: channeling emotionality, emotional overload
Strengthening the bond with the baby: clearer body sensations and perspectives and easier bonding with the baby
Management of maternity ailments: pain, fatigue, sleep...
Preparing for childbirth: mental and positive visualisation of the baby's arrival

One-on-one sessions

Sessions are tailored to your needs, challenges, source of stress and personal background.

The first session is dedicated to the discovery and installation of a climate of trust between you and me. This is essential for the work we will do together. As each session takes place, we discuss your well-being, we work with breathing, relaxation, targeted visualisations and effective positive thoughts.

The exercises are adapted to the stage of pregnancy and to your own pace.

The exercises are to be practiced at home so that the body and mind can gradually work on the aches and pains of everyday life and to prepare for the birth.

Sophrology and EFT can becoming a real asset

 Pregnancy group session

Sessions will be organised during the year with a limited number of participants. It is also possible to design a group session, on request, with at least 3 pregnant women.

During a group session, we share a special moment to reconnect with ourselves and the baby, to install a better balance in one’s evolving body and mind with all the mix of emotions. You will have the opportunity to feel this new maternal energy and to prepare for the birth. The sessions are adapted according to the term of the pregnancy and the health of the mother-to-be.