4,5,6 October2024
I awaken and connect with nature
Bilingual Retreat

Develop your intuition and start changing

Look deeply into nature and you’ll understand everything much better. 

-Albert Einstein-

The relationship between intuition and nature is a real one, and one that often remains inexplicable in our minds!  It’s only when we take a walk in nature, in awareness, that everything becomes clear to us. This relationship may seem mysterious, but it’s very simple:

The natural world surrounds us. And the natural world is also within us. We’re all one!

That’s why, in its presence, our awakening comes more naturally.

So the intention of the “I awaken and connect with nature” retreat is to take advantage of the energies of autumn (harvesting and letting go) and of nature to help you to bring renewal to yourself, bring you closer to your intuition and open you up to new practices that you can easily continue to vibrate and use in your daily life!

Rachelle and Christelle

Our stories, paths that cross!

rachelle richard leger_photographe


Rachelle has a degree in photography, and has been making a living from this wonderful profession for over 30 years. Passionate about nature and mindfulness, the creative and imaginary world, Rachelle joyfully practices intuitive photography. She is also initiated and trained in Reïki, and loves to nourish my creativity with every new encounter and inspiring project.

christelle marchetti veclin


I’m passionate about opening up new fields of possibility. I’m a holistic practitioner and have been trained in Europe in practices I offer such as sophrology, emotional release, energetics and primitive reflexes. Since I was very young, my mindset has been that “anything is possible when you decide it”. This is what has always driven me to follow my intuition, to set off on adventures in different countries, and with my family in Canada for the past 5 years. 

RETREAT | I awaken and connect with nature

What experiences are going to thrill you the most during the retreat?

You tell us. But we’ve got one in store for you: a journey to the native lands of Memramcook that will open you up to intuitive creativity and letting go!

During these 3 magical days together, you’ll be introduced to and practice

Sophrology in nature

Sophrology in nature

Letting your soul and intuition speak, connecting with yourself

Intuitive nature photography

Intuitive nature photography

Introduction to photography, nature observation and letting go

Journaling in nature

Journaling in nature

Creation and practice that brings you back to your connection to yourself, your body, your mind and your senses with Nathalie Perron

Drum ceremony

Drum ceremony

Elder Reg Roy and Louise will guide us and introduce us to the sound of the native drum

Nurturing yourself in Nature!

RETREAT | I awaken and connect with nature

This retreat is a precious gift you can give yourself

Intuition, your inner compass, is present within you, but it needs to be cultivated and developed on a daily basis.

With the help of the energies of autumn and the full moon, the retreat will actively involve you in reconnecting to yourself and launching new projects, changes and the letting go you so desperately need!

Mindfulness photography is an approach and practice of connecting the soul to life through the use of vision and feeling. Teaching the brain to see, not just look. With guided activities, we’ll take you on a journey of visual discovery in nature. We want you to experience a retreat where you’ll gain new perspectives and be seduced by the beauty and magic of Mother Earth.

Journaling, inspired, intuitive writing, a simple yet powerful tool for connecting to your inner genius, to yourself. It leads us to a path of self-connection and offers depth in our writing. As we write, we forget the action of what we’re doing, in favor of the dialogue that begins with our soul. Intuitive writing can easily be combined with meditation. Writing in nature means knowing how to feel the elements around you in your body, with your senses, to facilitate dialogue on paper!

Sophrology is a mind-body alternative medicine technique based on the relationship between body and mind. It is based on a combination of relaxation, breathing and positive visualization techniques.It is also a tool for personal development, promoting self-relationship and autonomy through the development of one’s own capacities: calmness, greater self-awareness, well-being, self-confidence, harmony between mind and body, thanks to natural methods.

RETREAT | I awaken and connect with nature

Enjoy the energy of fall and the full moon

retraite je meveille et mepanouie_automne, let it go and intuition retreat, fall

The energy of fall, the harvest

We reap what we “sow” earlier in the year. It’s a time when we feel like setting things in motion, taking initiative, creating new projects and meeting new people. It’s also a time for introspection, when we take stock of what we’ve lived and experienced. We slow down, take time for ourselves, recharge our batteries and prepare for winter.

Fall energy, letting go

We let go of what we no longer have or need, once and for all. Like the leaves falling from the trees in autumn, we close the door on the past, on everything that weighs us down, on everything that’s uncomfortable or no longer works. It’s a choice to free ourselves, to take action with kindness and courage. It’s about letting go of the superficial and/or the superfluous, the things that don’t make you vibrate inside. It’s about learning to trust yourself, your feelings and your choices.

retraite je meveille et mepanouie_lune, I awaken and connect with nature retreat,moon

The energy of the full moon: power

The full moon is the most powerful phase of the lunar cycle. It’s the moment when the moon shines brightest from the earth, as its surface is fully illuminated by the sun. Its energies are multiplied, and we become more emotional and sensitive.

The energy of the full moon: the end and the beginning

This energy is linked to the YIN, feminine energy present in each of us, marking the end of something and the beginning of something else. The energies of the full moon lead us to take stock. It’s a time to bring to the fore what’s weighing us down and holding us back, our blocks and fears, and to detach ourselves from them, to free ourselves from them with lightness.

The full moon is a new beginning, enabling us to approach what lies ahead with calm and serenity, on a new foundation, having evolved.

RETREAT | I awaken and connect with nature

La Solitude de Prés-d'en-Haut, the location

La Solitude is a peaceful woodland setting on the banks of the Petitcodiac River in southeastern New Brunswick. It welcomes individuals and groups for stays in silence, and also offers workshops focusing on wellness, personal development and spiritual growth.

La Solitude offers nature at your fingertips, as well as cabins for overnight stays. The cabins are equipped with wood-burning stoves.

Each participant will have his or her own individual cottage during the retreat to benefit from the energy of nature, the group and his or her own energy.

La Solitude offers a healthy, well-balanced meal to make the experience even healthier.

la solitude_plage_beach
la solitude_Maisonnette
la solitude_detente_calmless
la solitude

RETREAT | I awaken and connect with nature

What you'll be experiencing for 3 days...

Friday4 october

  • 4/5 pm Arrival and check-in La Solitude

  •  Supper

  • Intuitive journal creation

  • Evening free

Saturday, 5 october

  • Sunrise session – Feel your energy and get closer to your inner compass

  • Breakfast

  • Introduction to journaling

  • Dinner

  • Forest bath and intuitive photography

  • Session – Connecting to yourself and learn to let in messages  

  •  In the evening – Sacred fire and initiation to native singing and drumming

Sunday, 6 october

  • Sunrise session – Bringing in love and self-confidence

  • Breakfast

  • Connecting with nature and intuitive creativity

  • Session – Anchoring in oneself the experiences of the weekend 

  • 12 :30 pm Check out and departure

RETREAT | I awaken and connect with nature


What to BRING

To register for the retreat and confirm your place, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of $100, which will enable us to reserve the cabins at the venue.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive full details and directions to the retreat site.

You’ll also receive all the information you need to know about the schedule and what to bring.

RETREAT | I awaken and connect with nature

3 days - Friday 4 at 4pm to Sunday 6 October at 12.30pm
$ 444 taxes included
  • Accommodation in an individual chalet
  • Access to nature (forest, beachfront)
  • Healthy, light meal
  • Intuitive practices
  • Share, exchange, evolve

To register for the retreat and reserve your place, register now by clicking on the link. Registration is now open.