Behavior, attention span, emotions, learning skills


My child is exceptional, atypical, with challenges…

Children are unique, have their own personality and development. We attribute a certain “normality” in the evolution of each child according to his or her age. We are able to tell if sensory development, fine or gross motor integration, language skills etc. are mature, developing correctly according to age. Sometimes children and their parents may encounter challenges that can disrupt their development, learning, community life, inner well-being: problems with concentration, attention span, learning skills, emotional management, constant agitation, impulsivity, bedwetting ….

When a child displays one of those symptoms, some primitive/archaic reflexes may still be active.


in short
  • Who is it for?
  • Aimed at children with personal challenges
  • One-to-one bassis and group sessions available
  • Body method
  • A limited number of sessions is necessary to achieve optimum results depending on the child's needs and pace
  • Suitable to all children with no age limit (baby, toddler welcome)

What children problems can we solve ?

We can work on the following:
Behaviour: hyperactivity (ADHD), hypoactivity, attention deficit (ADD)...
Emotions : reduce strong emotions such as anger, fear, sadness...
Building self-confidence, developing your skills
Learning difficulties: reading, writing, focus...

The work child will learn through play (play therapy included games, stories and movements). Parent participationis welcome and preffered if possible.


One-to-one sessions

The sessions are tailored to the child’s needs and challenges…

The first session is dedicated to introducing myslef and build trust between me, the child and the family. Certain reflexes will then be tested. If a posture or a movement is difficult or uncomfortable, or if an involuntary movement is activated, it is because this reflex needs to be worked on through daily routine of simple, rhythmic movements to practice.

It is a fun based therapy offering playful activities suited to the child’s pace.

The appointments are spaced 3 weeks apart.

In these practices, everything that is acquired is definitively acquired, as soon as it is automated and worked on for at least 21 days. This is why the proposed techniques must be practiced at home so that the reflexes are integrated more easily.

Group sessions for children

Group sessions are available and are adapted to the children challenges according to their own age group. During the year, there will be group sessions offered.

The group sessions consist in movements and playful games. Working with children in a fun “learn through play” therapy.

If any organisation (school, associations, early childhood development) would like to offer sessions to children to prepare them for kindergarten or everyday challenges, or for any questions from a parent, please contact me here.