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My name is Christelle and I am a holistic therapy practitioner. In other words, I help people to overcome fear, emotional or physical blockages, limited thinking or for a mental preparation.

I love to take up challenges. I have understood that through my life. As a young person, I dealt with many limiting thoughts, devaluing myself because I didn’t know my potential (but I was hoping for it deep inside)!

I often wondered what the purpose of the lifewas. My answers were to feel good, to evolve, to live it MY WAY. I broke out of my comfort zones and discovered the unknown. I found my strength and asserted myself. Each weakness has become an opportunity for my evolution.

Life is not about chances, but about our willingness to learn and evolve

After becoming a mother to 3 boys and experiencing a burn out, holistic medicine came naturally into my life. Inspiring methods that launched me on a new path, a career change.

The holitic methods I use as a holistic practitioner opened my eyes and allowed me to start writing a new chapter in my story. I feel both excited and happy to share those with you.

Sophrology, a complete personal development method

Sophrology is a self-development practice based on easy-to-do relaxation, breathing, gentle movement, meditation and visualisation to help you balance mind and body and feel empowered in the modern world.

RMTI, a body method that allows to approach challenges (of children as well as adults) through the body

Rhythmic movements are gentle rocking and reflex integration movements that stimulate neural pathways and promote learning, emotional balance and ease of movement. RMTi is an effective way to help with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, learning challenges, autism and behavioral/emotional imbalances without the use of drugs.

Energetics, a combination of healing methods based on the knowledge of the body and energetic care.

Because the answers are not only in the visible, but also in the invisible. Connecting to elements around us is just magic and brings a lot of well-being in our daily life. Healing life’s discomforts/ailments and  with gentle energy and healing vibrations. Energetics is a door to the liberation of deep, traumatic blockages, through treatments and EFT.

My path is rich in lessons and I continue to grow as we all evolve throughout our lives. It is with humility, kindness and passion that I support people on their path of liberation, to achieve their well-being on a daily basis!

Christelle Marchetti Veclin

Happiness is not the purpose of life but must be part of it!

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My scecialities


Sophrology practitioner

Cassiopée Institut - Paris (France)

Method details

Energy Healing

Microcosm of Human Energy training (YIN/YANG) - Alternative Medicine College of Canada - Reïki training (2 levels) by Reïki Masters ( Paris and Moncton).LaHoChi training and Egyptien Energy Healing.

Method details

Master of Communication

Paris (France) - Groupe INSEEC -

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics - Alternative Medicine College of Canada

Methods recognized by Canadian and international professional organizations

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Federation of Alternative Medicine


As a Naturotherapist,, insurance plans can covered the session


Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada


As a Naturotherapist,, insurance plans can covered the session


Canadian Association of Sophrology


The Canadian Association of Sophrology recognizes my skills in Sophrology


Rhythmic Movement Training International


As an international RMTI consultant, I offer 1-1 or group sessions to integrate primitive reflexes.
réflexes primitifs